Established in late 1999, we became a market leading training provider. We now include coaching in our service offering, which we know is essential to helping our clients perform at their peak. Our focus remains to provide cutting edge training and coaching, that meets your specific requirements and delivers maximum ROI.

Our Experienced Trainers Understand Your Challenges

Everything we do is geared towards maximizing the transfer of knowledge and skills to learners. Our trainers are highly skilled in adapting the learning, to meet individual needs and we continually invest time and energy into keeping our courses current and up-to-date. KumaloGreen courses are stimulating, interactive, practical and enjoyable – but the real value of attending one of our courses comes to life when, the knowledge learned, is applied back in the workplace.

Our Certified Coaches are here to help you thrive in life + work

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) has identified 8 competencies that are considered core and critical for any competent coach to demonstrate. All our coaches are experienced and have been trained through ICF credentialed organisations. Our coaches focus on being ethical, maintaining an open mind, cultivating trust and safety, being present, actively listening, facilitating insight and ultimately helping our clients grow and reach their full potential.

BEE Compliance

KumaloGreen is a 100% female owned business and is classified as a Micro Enterprise and therefore has Micro Exemption – Automatic Level 4 recognition.

Why Choose KumaloGreen?

  • Trainers are highly skilled facilitators who are subject matter experts with many years of training experience
  • Coaches are ICF trained, internationally certified and members of COMENSA
  • Training & Coaching is tailored to focus on your individual needs
  • The skills you learn are practical and can be applied immediately back at the work place.
  • Great value – of the thousands of delegates we’ve trained over the years, 98% rated our courses as excellent or very good.