Established in late 1999, our experienced team of professionals includes trainers who are recognised subject matter experts, as well as ICF and Gallup certified Executive and CliftonStrengths Coaches. We are commitment to delivering tailored training and coaching solutions that deliver results.  Our goal is simple yet impactful – maximise your return on investment by helping you and your team reach your full professional potential, ensuring that you contribute to your organisation’s success.


All our short courses are developed with you, the South African office professional, in mind. Our courses are tried and tested – we bring you great content, delivered by experienced subject matter experts…


Our individual and group coaching will help your leaders and teams, unlock their potential, so that they maximise their growth and perform at their best. We offer Executive, Strengths and Mental Fitness Coaching.


By taking the CliftonStrengths Assessment individuals and teams will identify their strengths (what they do best naturally). Once you know what those strengths are, you can learn how to use them, to become more productive and happier at work.

With over 20 years experience, we’ve worked with most of SA’s largest companies including:


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